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Company news

2014 Hongkong Spring International Lighting Fair Has Completed Successfully


Shenzhen OKT lighting company has attended the 2014 Hongkong Spring International Lighting Fair which is Asia's largest
spring lighting exhibition, has 1100 exhibitors coming from 14 countries and regions, and 18000 quality buyers from 112
different countries and areas attended the show.

In this exhibition, OKT Lighting had 36 square meters custom building stands and showed a variety of different types of LED
products which are listed by UL, CUL,  Energy Star, DLC certificates, such as led downlights, led panel lights, led tubes,
especially the LED commercial downlight, which is the first and only Chinese company who owns UL, Energy Star certification
for this item. At the same time, in this exhibition, OKT Lighting also showed the LED emergency back up, the surface-mounted
kit for led flat panel and other new products designed for USA market.

OKT Lighting focuses on American market, we firmly believe that one day OKT Lighting will be the NO.1 China LED downlights
professional manufacturer for USA market.