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2x2FT Surface Mounted kits

2x2FT Surface Mounted kits
2x2FT Surface Mounted kits
  • 2x2FT Surface Mounted kits
  • Surface Mounted kits
  • Surface Mounted kit
  • Place of origin : China
  • Model No : SM22-W
  • Price Terms : EXW
  • Minimum Order : 4pcs
  • Brand Name : OKT LIGHTING
  • Package : 2PCS PER CTN
  • Payment Terms : T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union
  • Delivery Time : 3-5 days
  • Inquire Online
  • N.A Version
  • Projects
  • Cut Sheet
  • Certificate/Qualifications
  • Video
  • FAQ
OKT Lighting 24” x 24” surface mount kit allows you to easily mount our 2x2ft panel light on a drywall, concrete,wood ceiling in a surface-mount application.
Installation is simply,just remove the original four clips and fixed the fours clasps included,connect the wire in the driver box,screw the fixture to the ceiling, then install the panel light and make your electrical connections and the installation is complete.
This surface mount kit is designed for use with 2x2ft LED panel lights.
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24"x 24"
Installation Instruction,
4 August 2014


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