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Industrial News

Award- winning supermarket group makes the switch to LED lighting

AN award-winning supermarket group has made the switch to Led lighting to enhance the retail experience for its customers while slashing harmful Co2 emissions.

Tout’s Budgens in Somerset chose to completely refurbish its Cheddar supermarket with led lighting after seeing the light quality and energy savings the latest Led technology can provide.

okt led lighting

They asked experts at award-winning LED Lighting specialists MHA Lighting to devise a scheme for the re-launch of their Church Street store which would showcase the fresh, quality produce they are famous for to best effect.

They replaced traditional fluorescents with 84 of their unique TiLite fittings from its patented product range. A further 38 LED down lighters were installed in the store’s Subway concession (over tables) and in the pharmacy areas.

The new installation not only achieves high colour rendering of 80CRI with 4500 kelvin – the optimal colour for displaying produce – but has cut lighting energy costs and Co2 production by 65%.