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Company news

Flat Commercial Down Light - Optimum LED Retrofit for PL Lamp


OKT has two series of commercial down lights, which are deep recessed commercial down light and flat commercial down light. And the later one is the perfect replacement for PL Lamp. Why is that?

Beam Angle: This commercial down light has 106 degrees beam angle which is suitable with the original PL lamp. Since PL lamp normally is installed at offices, shopping malls and schools where ceilings are about 10ft, wide beam angle will do just great.

Watts: We have two models, 14w (C6-14W-XXE-277) and 18w (C6-18W-XXE-277). Energy saving of LED lamps to CFL is about 50%, these two watts are good for 2pcs PL 13w and 2pcs PL 15w.

Installation: Flat commercial down light is way too easier to retrofit than the deep commercial ones. And the butterfly clips provide more safety to the down light and the mounting brackets.

It has been explored by some whole sellers that the flat commercial down light has more benefits and profits to market in the last half year. We hope you would realize them as well and grab the chance to make your money.

flat led downlight