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Company news

Flush Mount Panel Light with Internal Driver


OKT Release FS series panel light, it’s totally different design as before. As we know that led panel light all with External driver, so there should be a junction box which waste many space during shipping. Now our FS panel with internal driver, it will help to reduce around half of shipping cost (around US$2.00 on each by sea). Many people concern about the heat disputations, we paid attention to it too. We made the driver connect with the Aluminum frame directly to export heat, meanwhile it with a heavier Frame than other panel. And we ran strictly test on it to make sure the quality. Meanwhile we offered 7years warranty options based on our design.

 Besides there are more advantage on it

1.     Step dimming and Continuous dimming available, Step dimming that means you can dimming by switch, save dimmer cost and installing cost. You can get 0%/50%/100% lighting, also you can order it as you requested.

2.     The high quality driver offer no flicker panel, it will be much better for health. And the high efficacy driver help to make the lighting efficacy around 105lm/W, more energy saving.

This products will be displayed on HK lighting fair first time. Also there will be some as new lights there, such as compatible downlight. You will find a amazing tour on our booth. see you on  3D-C16 /5E-A08, Oct27-30th.

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