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Company news

HK Lighting Fair 2015(Autumn Edition)


OKT lighting will be the brightest start in HKLF Autumn 2015 this time!

2015 HKLF will witness the newest innovative OKT UL&cULus lighting fixtures, it includes Up & down clear fixture, Super thin Panel with 5 years warranty and emergency backup. Absolutely, our four generation classical Energy star recessed led retrofit ballast compatible downlight will also be displayed.

OKT is the leading led manufacturer in China who focus on North American market for four years now and believe that only dynamics can keep us alive and the main reason to stand consistently is because of its fantastic product, professional service and innovation.

OKT Lighting’s ballast compatible led residential downlight and commercial downlight are the ideal replacement for CFL directly, which can compatible for most ballast models. They are easy to install and tool-free, greatly reduces maintenance and lamp change our costs.

 The 1x4” suspended up/down LED Linear panel is a commercial pendant lighting fixture utilizing an advanced LED optical system to achieve superior performance. Reaching 65% downlight and 35% uplight distribution with 100lm/w.

More innovative product, pls welcome us at booth No. : 3D-C16

OKT Lighting here to sincerely welcome old and new customer to stop by and have a nice talk.

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