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Industrial News

Incandescent Lamps Gradually Become History, LED Lighting Technology Mature


With the incandescent lamp gradually becomes history, LED lighting technology has entered the home from business. Advances in technology, LED lighting industry, will become the new growth point of future electronic information industry. It is understood that the global lighting electricity consumption topped 20 percent of total annual electricity consumption, of which up to 90% of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy consumption, and LED lighting such as led downlight and led flat panel with its energy saving feature is gaining more and more recognition in the global scope.

It is clear that the advantages of LED lighting are very prominent, high luminous efficiency LED lights, long life, the luminous efficiency can reach 2.5 times the fluorescent, incandescent lamp 13 times. The energy crisis and increase awareness of energy saving, so the prospect of global LED lighting market increasingly bright. In the market and the regulations of double interest stimulation, the scale of the global LED industry showed rapid growth trend.

Incandescent lamps gradually become history, LED lighting technology mature