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Industrial News

Industrial Lighting Has A Decisive Weight in The Entire Lighting Market


LEDinside reports that industrial lighting has a decisive weight in the entire lighting market. LEDinside has released its latest “1Q15 Silver Member Market Report - Industrial Lighting and High Bay Markets”, which shows an intense level of price competition in the market for LED replacement lighting products, including LED light bulbs and light tubes sold in retail stores. More and more LED lighting vendors hope to capitalize on the situation by entering the industrial lighting sector. Based on LEDinside’s forecast, LED industrial lighting market scale will be worth US$2.366 billion in 2015 and by 2018 the scale will reach US$3.935 billion. 


Nowadays, more and more facilities are intending to replace HID, Metal Halide lamp by using LED lights. OKT Lighting release high efficiency Commercial LED Downlight to meet industrial lighting market. We have downlight from 4’’ to 10’’ from 14W to 54W and AC dimmable and DC dimmable are also available UL and Energy star for rebate applying.


Since we push this amazing downlight to USA marke, it enjoys great popularity by our clients. They use this to replace 150W 175W metal halide lamp, CFL or HID. It is easily seem in many big occasions such as Belk shopping mall in South Carolina, New York metro station or Rosen Hotel in Orlando.


If you have CFL, HID or MH to retrofit or new constuction, pls contact me immediately.