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Industrial News

Intelligent Lighting Technologies' LED Lighting Products Use Standard Medium-base Bulbs


The LED lighting solutions that utilize all the new advances in the rapidly evolving LED world are the ILT Conversion kit, ILT LED Wall Pack and ILT LED down light fixtures. They are Patent protected and UL Certified and available for use in new construction or to be installed at the time of upgrade.


The ILT Conversion Kit is a retrofitting device with a difference. ILT has No ballast, No starters and No drivers to service. This device allows for the use of a standard medium base LED bulb which is a commonly used style worldwide and therefore most easily accessible and cost effective bulb.


ILT LED down light are unlike other LED down lights or lighting fixtures that have integrated light systems that give you no option but to discard the unit when it burns out. ILT uses standard medium base LED bulbs that can be changed easily by anyone. Simply screw in a new LED bulb as needed.


The LED retrofit down light options allow the user to replace the LED bulb whenever needed without specialized equipment or training.With these improvements in lighting technology you no longer need to compromise on lighting quality to be energy efficient and cost effective.


The savings in energy can be up to 80%.The switch to the ILT Conversion Kit is simple and low cost. Even when factoring in the initial expense of a professional installation, the savings in energy and maintenance are outstanding.