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LED General Knowledge


Glad to share some led general knowledge with you.


1.  PAR Lamp – PAR stands for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector. They typically use an incandescent filament or a halogen filament tube, now however they are also available in LED alternatives. P-N Junction – Area on an LED chip where the positively and negatively charged regions meet. When voltage is applied and current begins to flow, the electrons move across then region into the p region. The process of an electron moving through the p-n junction releases energy.


2.  Volt – The term used to describe the electrical potential difference between oppositely charged conductors, for example there is a 1.5V potential between the top and bottom of a  battery.


3.   Warm White – A description of light with a correlated color temperature between 3000K and 3500K, usually perceived a slightly yellow.


4.  Watt – The unit of electrical power as used by an electrical device during its operation. Many lamps come with rating in watts to indicate their power consumption. A light source with a higher lumen per watt value is more efficient.


5.  White point – The Coordinated Color Temperature (CCT) defined by a line perpendicular to the Planckian Black Body Curve and intersecting the measured chromaticity.


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