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Industrial News

LED indoor Lighting- Warm White Is Better For Health Than Cool White


LED lighting’s blue light can inhibit the body's melatonin , and melatonin is useful hormone for help people sleep.

Smart phones , tablet computers and other equipment both are used light-emitting diode(LED), blue light is more than incandescent products. LED indoor lighting are increasingly popular, actually blue color (less warm white)is better choice than cool white.

“Conceptually, anything which can be reduced blue at night is helpful " scientist at the University of California, Christopher said. "I know orange goggles is very popular for most of some gamer ."

But Orange goggles is not a almighty, Dr. Skien said. " it does not solve all problems if shield blue." the intensity of light can also affect sleep except color. Experts said , the blue color is very good in daylight. The best source is the sunshine, which contains a lot of different wavelengths of light.

So experts suggest that if you can not completely avoid to use electronics equipment in the evening, it is the best to use a small screen rather than large; Reduce the brightness of the screen, and it farther away from the eye as possible; reduce reading time from the electronic equipment.

"If you can reduce read time from iphone to 10 minutes everyday, but can bring a big change for you," Dr. Skien said.