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Industrial News

LED Lighting App Store With The False Propaganda, Customers Must Check Carefully


LED lighting app store with the false propaganda, customers must check carefully


One LED lighting app store in China, mainly in business decorative lighting, said they

are NO One brand at home and decorative lighting and the most famous brand in Chinese designer in home lighting and decorative lighting. And they thought they were

the best LED Chip exported, at the top of international standards, the most real chip, and the leader chip in the world.


At the same time, the LED lighting app store announced led light protecting eyesight,

Non-glare, preventing myopia and being more 30 times than incandescent.


According to above information, law enforcement officers have checked this store if there was the relevant promotional content basis, asked them to explain the situation and to submit evidence. All of that, they are violation of “Advertising Law” and “Anti-Unfair Competition Law”.


Finally, law enforcement officers told them legal publicity and education, the store would stop illegal activities and got administrative punishment according to law.


Above, customers must take carefully in confirm professional factory if it is sure and check more basis from professional website.