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Industrial News

LED Lighting Market Will Reach 25.7 Billion US Dollars in 2015


Global lighting market will reach $ 82.1 billion in 2015, driven by the emerging markets, LED lighting market will reach $ 25.7 billion, penetration will up to 31%.

If divide the 2015 global LED lighting market by area, the European region accounts for 23% of the market size; due to its high electricity cost and different lighting culture, even there are no massive subsidies, LED in commercial lighting and outdoor architectural lighting demands will continue improving.

China holds 21% market share, mainly because China is the main LED lighting manufacturer country, plus the cost advantage and complete supply chain, the market competition are more intense. In order to improve the sales, regardless of LED Lighting and LED package manufacturers, application factories, or other related enterprises are all do their best to enhance the penetration rate.

Looking to 2015, Chinese domestic and overseas lighting market demands will continue to improve. However, due to intense competition, the product prices will be declined, this is a crisis that many manufactures need to face in next year.

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