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Industrial News

LED Lighting will debut with a driverless metro new train at London


The world's oldest London underground maybe introduce more spacious and more energy efficiency driverless trains in the future. New car air conditioning system will make the British people no longer sweat when they take the subway in the summer. The new car will be displayed in London royal Victoria terminal on Tuesday.

The subway car is designed by German Siemens electronics company with the LED Lighting. It is claimed that energy efficiency will be thirty percent higher than the current car and its weight will be twenty percent lighter. The new train cars are no longer separated by partition door and that can increase thirty percent space. New car doors will also become more broadly and the busy people do not need to squeeze hold when getting on or off.

Each new train cars cost more than $1.54 million. Siemens refer to if authorities decided to purchase, the train can be made in the UK. But as a result of the new train to unmanned operation and make the subway conductor without work at any time, expect the new train may not be popular with the relevant trade union.