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Industrial News

Manufacturing Plant Saves Energy Costs with OKT LED Commercial Downlight


OKT led commercial downlight helps workers at the plant, located 55 miles south of one corporate headquarters in West Fargo, manufacture hydraulics, cylinders and valves for loaders, compact excavators and attachments. And in this high bay space where welding, assembly and testing are performed, lighting is imperative—and was, at times, supplemented with flashlights. Since led commercial downlight replaced 297 metal halide fixtures, the hand-held devices are no longer necessary as lighting levels have nearly doubled.

“When employees started working under the new lighting, they told us, ‘Wow! I can really see better!’” said Brooks Klinnert, an electronics technician with OKT who was instrumental in choosing the new lighting. “One operator told us he didn’t even need his flashlight anymore because the new LED lighting led commercial downlight provided directional lighting that helped him with his tasks."

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