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Company news

OKT LIGHTING Innovative Downlight – Compatible with Ballast

OKT LIGHTING innovative downlight, which are compatible with ballast, will come into market soon. As the leader of led downlight for USA market, this is the forth generation version. Keeping developing new product and leading the trend of market are the OKT LIGHTING’s secret of success.

Hereby to share some idea on new innovative downlight:
1. Retrofit still hold the main LED market. To save the labor cost, which are very expensive in USA, make us have the plan to do this. By doing so, it should be helpful for our clients to win market.
2. Enough marketing information prove that it’s a smart choice to carry innovative downlight- compatible with ballast. OKT LIGHTING president Allan go to American 2-3 times every year to visit clients and research local market. Many famous Lighting brand also are expecting this product.
3. As the king of American Downlight, OKT LIGHTING have been working in this field for nearly 4 years. We are very familiar with the popular ballasts that led should work with. Rich experience and strong R&D team stand behind us to carry out this programme.

To be the most professional and unique downlight manufacturer is our persuit. All our clients will be proud of cooperating with OKT LIGHTING and promoting this genius product.