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Company news

OKT Lighting Released New LED Troffer and Panel With Sensor


OKT Lighting has new products now, the UL LED troffer and panel with microwave motion sensor. The microwave motion sensor model is HC403V-KD. It is detached version while using 1-10V dimming control. To meet the requirements, the sensor it super-compcat flat, while the antenna module has optional cable entry (side entry and back entry).


This sensor is particularly designed for LED troffer and panel application, where the space is limited and ordinary sensors are too big and too high, easily cast shadow in the shade. The motion sensor could achieve 3 steps dimming control, for some areas require a light change notice before switch-off. It offers 3 levels of light: 100%-->dimmed light (10%, 20%, 30%, 50% optional)-->off; And 2 periods of selectable waiting time: Motion holdtime and stand-by period.


It also has ambient daylight threshold. This feature enables the fixture to function well in any real application circumstance, where the daylight that penetrate into fixture may vary a lot.


The sample will be ready in a few weeks, for more info, plz pay attention to our website:

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