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Company news

OKT Released New RS4 Series Downlight


OKT lighting focus on UL and Energy Star downlight, now OKT released a new model, 4inch surface mounted downlight, UL Listed ENERGY STAR Qualified 50W Equivalent.

OKT 4inch Surfaced Mounted LED Residential Downlight provides beam angle and advanced  dimming capabilities which minimum to 5% with widely available traditional dimmers. 

It designed to easily install into existing IC or non-IC Four-inch housings with E26/Gu24 base options.

Also, it can install on the 4inch junction box directly , making it ideal for new construction.

A wet location listing allows for use in showers and bathrooms (if local code requires)

Due to Surface LED downlight's ease of installation, labor costs are reduced.

This downlighting solution also eliminates the need for an Air-Seal recessed housings or fire rated boxes, reducing material and installation costs.

Surface can also be installed on a wall as a wall light. Available in round and square apertures, slim style surface mount downlighting is the next lighting trend.

4inch surface mount downlight