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Step one: Using a smart phone to install scanning code software, such as "wochacha", "Win on Quick Code” etc.
Step two: Open the scanning code software against the QR code, then you can get an interlinkage.
Step three: open the link, and then enter OKT Mobile Phone Official Website.

Scanning the QR code, you can land the mobile phone website
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Company news

OKT Sunset Dimming Retrofit Downlight Will Come Out Soon!


In this new year, OKT will develop a brand new 5/6" sunset dimmable retrofit downlight, which making it a perfect choice for residential and hospitality environments.

This newly sunset retrofit kit will with a subtle dimming of the light level, it creates just the right ambience for a warm and inviting experience.

This luminaire will provide general ambient and mood lighting by bringing the sunset experience indoors. It moves easily changing from 2700K to 5000 by switch and it's ideal for use high-end residential designs, restaurants, theaters, conference areas and reception halls.