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Company news

OKT Super High Efficiency LED Panel


As the leader of LED Indoor Lighting for USA market, Super high efficiency LED Panel is the fifth generation version LED Panel Light. Keeping developing new product and leading the trend of market are the OKT’s secret of success.

The luminous efficiency is >130lm/w, which is in high level among the light guilding panel. And OKT purchased Automatic Production Machine for LED Panel. It can be Electrial function test such as Watts,Voltage,PF,Lumens, CCT,CRI,Efficacy,Beam Angle and Dimming,Even Hi pot what most of customers is very care about it. Keep LED Panel’s clean&high efficiency.

As we know, DLC NEW 4.0 Premium standard should be meet over 130 lumens per watt approval for LED Panel Light. OKT is delighted to have achieved this level of performance, It is always our intent to set a standard that will be of maximum benefit for our customers.