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Company news

OKT UL LED Emergency Backup Launched


LEDs (light-emitting) are transforming the lighting industry. You currently find them everywhere from traffic lights to flashlights, and LEDs will certainly become aprimary, if not the primary, source for general purpose lighting. LED lighting comprises an increasingly important and growing segment of the lighting industry.

As with traditional types of lighting, LED fixtures used as emergency lighting units must meet code requirements for emergency illumination. OKT emergency LED drivers backup allow the fixtures like LED troffer, led panel, led tube, led downlights etc. to do just that. When normal power fails, the emergency LED drivers, which work in conjunction with the AC LED driver, immediately switch into emergency mode, operating the LEDs for a code-compliant 90 minutes. When AC power is restored, the drivers automatically return to the charging mode.

The OKT led emergency backup is UL approved that be used for both normal and emergency operation. The led emergency backup switches to the emergency mode and operates for 90 minutes after blackout which including a battery, charger and converter circuit in a single can. It is available in different mounting configurations for individual fixture requirements.

The LED Lamp Emergency equipment from OKT Lighting is a UL Recognized LED Lamp Emergency equipment that allows the same LED fixture to be used for both normal and emergency operation. In the event of a power ailure, the LED Lamp Emergency equipment switches to the emergency mode and operates the existing fixture for 90 minutes. The unit contains a battery, charger, and converter circuit in a single can and is available in different mounting configurations for individual fixture requirements.

OKT led emergency driver battery backup is cULus recognized which allow it used in USA and Canada market legally and safely.