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 4inch Commercial LED Downlight
  • led downlights, 4 inch led recessed downlight, Split led downlight, led downlight 4 inch

    Split 4” Recessed LED Commercial downlights

    Certificate: UL, Energy Star Size:4" Wattage Options: 10W, 15W, 20W Input Voltage: 110-347V OKT’s 4inch split led downlights have been optimized to the third generation. The innovative separable design of junction box and housing make more flexible and considerate.
  • 4inch Commercial LED Downlight, 4 inch downlight

    4inch Commercial LED Downlight

    Certificate: UL Classified, Energy Star, FCC Size: 4" Input Power: 14W, 27W Input Voltage: 120V OR 100-277VAC 4inch Commercial LED Downlights can replace for most manufacturers incandescent, CFL or H.I.D. fixtures with apertures of 4.1" 4.7" max diameter.