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  • led troffer retrofit kit, led troffer fixture, 2x4 troffer light

    2x4FT LED Troffer Retrofit Kit, Without Removing The Existing Fixture

    Certificate: UL, DLC Size:2x4ft Wattage Options: 34W Input Voltage: 100-277V AC Dimming:0-10V Dimming OKT’s innovative 2-by-4-foot LED Troffer Retrofit Kit series(RT) offer an economical solution to retrofit into most existing troffers like the blink of an eye. Quick installation of led retrofit troffer in the existing luminaire without having to remove the fixture
  • led troffer retrofit kit, led troffer fixtures, troffer light

    2x2FT LED Troffer Retrofit Kit, Convert to LED Without Breaking The Bank

    Certificate: UL, DLC Premium Size:2x2ft Wattage Options: 25W Input Voltage: 100-277V AC Dimming:0-10V Dimming OKT 2'x2' LED Troffer Retrofit Kit install into existing troffers without the need to enter the ceiling space, keep your existing fixture but convert it to high efficiency of LEDs, replace outdated fluorescent lighting systems.