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T-Grid Box Hanger For LED Emergency Driver

T-Grid Box Hanger
T-Grid Box Hanger
  • T-Grid Box Hanger
  • t-grid box hanger
  • heavy duty t-grid hanger
  • heavy duty t-grid box hanger
  • Place of origin : China
  • Model No : TG2
  • Price Terms : EXW
  • Minimum Order : 100pcs
  • Brand Name : OKT LIGHTING
  • Payment Terms : T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union
  • Delivery Time : 7-15 days
  • Inquire Online
  • N.A Version
  • Projects
  • Cut Sheet
  • Certificate/Qualifications
  • Video
  • FAQ
T-Grid Box Hanger is designed to support LED Emergency Drivers in the ceiling. It is to be used for indoor application. Made of galvanized sheet material, this Hanger is durable and will not conduct electricity, and it is fire rated to help ensure safety. Quickly mounts the emergency drivers to T-grid and screws easily to tee bar for added stability if needed.

How to install?

okt lighting T-Grid Box Hanger

T-Grid Box Hanger

Noted: It is the optional accessory for LED emergency driver, please order individually if needed.


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