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Industrial News

The European Commission Launches Public Consultation for LED Deployment


As Led lighting is one of the most energy-efficient and versatile forms of Lighting, the European Commission adopted a Green Paper and launched a public consultation on the future of Led-based lighting.

Based on the promising future that faster LED deployment will ensure the success of Europe's lighting industry and help reduce energy use from lighting by 20% by 2020, the demands for citizens and businesses to refine the policy are increasing. As a result, a consultation will run until 29 February 2012 to collect feedback on the Commission's ideas.

Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes said: "Expanding led lighting is a 'no-brainer'. It means more money in your pocket, and a healthier planet. Please give us your ideas on how to speed up its deployment and maximise the number of jobs and savings Europe can gain from expanding the use of LED lighting."

There are some key questions for the public consultation including, which actions would help to overcome existing barriers and accelerate LED deployment in Europe, and how can the EU best supporty entrepreneurship and competitiveness in the lighting sector?