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Company news

The new 6 inch Retrofit LED Downlight


After released two new 4 inch LED Retrofit Downlights, we have launched the second 6 inch LED Retrofit Downlight Kits. The two models included R6-14W-XXE and R6-11W-XXE-277, Retrofitting existing recessed 6’’ can housing as well as construction application.

Do you want to know more information? please pay attention.

1. These 6” led retrofit downlights are listed by UL, CUL while Energy Star is pending until April, 2014;
2. They adopted PHILIPS light source, which will be passed LM80 report sooner;
3. More about R6-14W-XXE, it is suitable for 120VAC input voltage,  Including E26 Edison screw base adapter or GU24 for installation in all compatible recessed housings, and triac dimmable available;
4. In regard to R6-11W-XXE-277 it is perfect for 100-277VAC input voltage, offer GU24 Base or connecting wire without base accessaries for your existent fixtures. No matter in the commercial area and civil space will be more convenient;
5. 5 years warranty for all retrofit downlights. Have high photosynthetic efficiency, color temperature consistent, good color rendering, compact structure, light beam angle accurately.

 LED Retrofit Downlights

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