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Industrial News

Third Tier Cities Huge LED Light Fixture Market Space

Second, to speed up the process of urbanization, second and third tier cities huge LED display market space. National Institute of Socialism recently published white paper mentioned the city, China's by 2020, urbanization will be completed about 60% coverage. 2020 urban households led products for consumer value will reach 500 billion yuan.
  In addition, the government's strong national brands, led light fixture enterprises have the advantage of domestic development. All along, our country are on the LED energy-saving products to give this attention and support. Governments around the country have come to the introduction of LED industrial land, taxes, rent, labor costs and other "invisible hand," and pulled out a huge amount of money but also give support to help. 2009 to 2010 in the upstream input subsidies MOCVD purchases amounted to a thousand million, recently Chau Ming will get 500 million product expansion project grants, subsidies Sanan received four 2012 totaled 232 million yuan . Visible State and Government are determined to do well this LED industry.
  Optimistic about the future of the two areas
  With the LED display market matures, domestic led lighting fixture applications is shifting, leasing and intelligent surveillance areas will be the future direction of the LED display.
  As living standards improve, people on the LED display screen display requirements are gradually improving, particularly stage rental LED display. Rental LED display market is like? LED display rental mainly by the performance of some professional companies or advertising companies. Units or individuals to purchase the LED rental display, and then leased to other companies use, now more and more used in a large variety show and in the wedding ceremony.
  LED display used in video surveillance and video presentations, the main impetus comes from two things: first, with the rapid advancement of technology LED display, LED rental display spacing getting smaller and smaller, high-density LED lease With greater resolution display in a limited area, showing the picture clearer, fine. When displaying a standard-definition images, can already fully meet resolution requirements. The second factor is the price, once unattainable high-density LED dice, worth getting close to the people. The price per square meter of display area and DLP and LCD products compared to competitive starting to show. It has a very strong competitive potential in the surveillance.
  On the one hand the future display market will also continue to maintain growth trend, but on the other hand will exacerbate some small surface mounted led downlight manufacturers in transition or eliminated. From the current level of competition in the domestic LED electronic display industry, the competition in the domestic industry is still in its early product competition level, the competition is mainly reflected in key indicators: aspects of price, quality, delivery time, service, etc., at this stage LED display prices as a major indicator of competition.
  The underlying causes of LED display prices continued to decline that has the strength of large manufacturers hope the price war by some small-scale manufacturers eliminated. Price war consequences not only cause some small manufacturers due to lack of power and funds collapsed and falling margins large manufacturers, but also led to a chaotic situation of LED display industry.
  led t8 tube lights industry has entered a period of consolidation in the next few years will appear part of the small-scale enterprises will be phased out. In the integration phase, technical strength and capital strength of LED electronic display manufacturers are expected to borrow the power of technology and the enterprise itself and channel advantages achieved rapid development of capital markets. The next 2-3 years, the industrial concentration of LED electronic display will also be improved rapidly.
  In fact, the next few years, the domestic LED display market is still in a growth trend, the main room for growth will come from traditional printing, neon signs, billboards alternative markets, as well as high-definition, 3D, intelligence, surveillance market, road traffic and other multi-functional high-end LED electronic display market. As long as regulate trade order, display manufacturers to enhance the research and development level, to enhance their core competitiveness, in order to guide the market demand for the product, will win a place in the competitive market.