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Industrial News

Three LED Market Trends in 2016

1. LED Industries will grow slowly in the future
The LED Price fell down sharply in the past because of oversupply. In 2015, the led amount reach 14.52 billion Dollars,
only 2% annual growth. As led efficacy improved, the led usage are decreased. There are still space for the price falling down.
So in the next five years, led industries will be very hard to see 10% growth.

2. LED Components Price declines will eventually shrink
The price nearly be very close to the prime cost of many factory. So more and more manufacturers will exit the market.
It's sure that led price declines will eventually shrink.

3. The Plicy shift for LED Inductries from China Goverment
In the last decade, China Goverment try best to support LED industry. A large amount of resource are invested to subsidize enterprises 
in order to improve the LED domestic ratio. In the future, China Goverment policy will encourage industry innovation and pay more 
attention to the upstream base material.