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Why are your commercial downlights so expensive?

Why are your commercial downlights so expensive?
1. For the downlight itself, we use orginal CREE chip, YIGUANG driver (OEM driver supplier for Cooper Lighting ), and we use Chorme reflector, it is quite similar to halogen lamp.
2. There are 4’’ 6’’ 8’’ 10’’, from  14W to 54W, AC100-277V or AC 120V, you have more downlight options.
3. Regards of maket competition, OKT Lighting is only one and first one who can make and sell this kind of downlights with UL and Energy star listed. Even in current USA, only Juno, Cooper Lighting or Elite Lighitng can produce and sell, Elite Lighting sell their 8’’ 21W downlight at the price of 289 $. So you can undestand our price is very reasonable. The profit margain is much more than the cost you paid.