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New Beginning of OKT Lighting - 2015

New Beginning of OKT Lighting - 2015


March 2nd, OKT Lighting brought the beginning of Lunar 2015 after a long term holiday. All OKT guys are full of energy and with smile. In the past year OKT did very great successful on North American market, especially after the perfect performance on the HK lighting fair, more and more customer are willing to work with OKT Lighting.

In the last season of 2014 OKT launched three series new products: Emergency LED Driver( 8W, 12W, 18W, 25W ), it's the first Chinese supplier to achieved UL certification, this Emergency LED Driver can work with most of led lights; LED troffer ( 2x2ft, 2x4ft ) efficacy arrive 110lm/W, DC0-10V dimming, with UL and DLC certification ; SP series LED Flat Panel Light ( 1x4ft ,2x2ft, 2x4ft ) efficacy arrive 100lm/W,all with UL and DLC listed, high quality but with a reasonable price. Since now OKT have more than 85 items with UL, 60 items with DLC, 45 items with Energy star. All of these new products are widely welcomed by the market, it’s showed up at Jan and Feb as many orders, All OKT family experienced a busy season.

During the Most important festival in China, Allan--the president of OKT and the Gavin--the engineers director are working in USA for 2014 Las Vegas led show and market research. We believe there will be more products showed which will bring us suprise. In 2015 OKT will continue to attend the HK Spring/Autumn lighting fair and some of USA lighting fair. Let’s together to wait for the bright future of tomorrow.

Emergency LED Driver and led troffer