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5 Types of Lighting System Light Our Beautiful Life

5 Types of Lighting System Light Our Beautiful Life


Lighting is a essential function of every modern family. After Edison tried to improve the filament and produced a carbonized bamboo light that lasted for 1200 hours in 1880 .lighting is involves to our daily life with the development of science and technologies

Nowadays, lighting is no longer simply to give people a light source, For instance, led lights for building advertisements and neon lamp that decorated the environment are all extensions of lighting. For the household fit-up and decoration and family life, the illumination of the light has been separated from its original meaning. 
According to the different ways of lighting in family life, we honored invite a engineer of OKT Lighting to give a brief introduction. OKT Lighting divided the lighting into 5 categories, namely: accent lighting, direct lighting, indirect lighting, auxiliary lighting and scene lighting. Next, we will explain these five different lighting types detailed.

1. Accent lighting

Accent lighting, As the name implies, focuses on lighting in a certain space or a spot of the whole area. It is mainly used in the living room and study, which is usually allow people to distinguish clearly the different primary and secondary in space.
The area of the living room is often the largest one in the entire house compared with other spaces, . At the same time, the function of the living room undertakes most formal spaces. Therefore, the demand for the living room lighting has highly requirements. Compared with the living room space, the study is more targeted. Whether it is work or study, an accent lighting source will make the required position of needs bright and clear when the natural light Inadequate in some areas.

Accent lighting

2. Direct lighting

Direct lighting is more inclusive than accent lighting, and direct lighting is often used in the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Direct lighting is also a very important form for the living room. Although it is not as focused as accent lighting, its inclusiveness and coverage are unique.
However, in interior such as kitchens and bathrooms, the direct lighting mode provides light sources for the space, allowing these two areas to be fully illuminated and satisfying people's operational needs in that space.

Direct lighting

3. Indirect lighting
Indirect lighting is usually formed by feedback from mirrors, glass, and other materials. The light system formed by this type of lighting is relatively soft and comfortable that does not give people a strong light perception. Therefore, this mode of indirect lighting is a very good choice for the bedroom, study and other space, it can bring light to ensure the clarity of the space, but also make people feel easy and relaxed.

Indirect lighting

4. Auxiliary lighting
Auxiliary lighting is a very popular mode in recent years. Many USB lights or small lamps placed in the kitchen or bathroom are used to assist the lighting. In today's society, saving is already a matter that many people are imperceptibly doing in their lives. Long-term use of accent lighting or direct lighting, and Every switch of a lamp is a waste of energy. Under this circumstance, the emergence of this kind of auxiliary lighting has become a very friendly treatment, not only guaranteeing a certain brightness, but also energy saving.

Auxiliary lighting

5. Scene lighting
Scene lighting is the most fashionable one of the five types lighting. Its role is to adjust the brightness of the light and change the color to get a lighting pattern suitable for the current situation. At present, many homes have installed full-house smart system, many smart systems can perform Lighting Effects. Whether it is a restaurant or an audio/visual room, light adjustments and light rendering create a favorable atmosphere and add some fun to family life.

Scene lighting

Appropriate lighting not only provides a bright home, but also embellishes the atmosphere in the house. OKT Lighting, the professional led lighting manufacturer, adhering to the concept of providing the most suitable and best service for each customer, according to the needs of client and actual conditions to design, to shining the first light in our beautiful life. Need more, pls visit www.oktlighting.com.