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New Members of Linear Panel Family announced! More Considerate in Design Details!

New Members of Linear Panel Family announced! More Considerate in Design Details!


How to make your office more creative and elegant? Do you think it must cost a lot? No, just in a simple way, You just need a right light, UP/Down linear Panel light, and can easily create a pleasant atmosphere.

1ft x4ft UP/Down linear Panel, released in April ,2015, has been widely accepted in the market. After reviewing with customers and investigating market trends, our company developed two new models 8inch x 4ft and 8inch x8ft to meet the needs of our customers. They are suitable for creative spaces, including office, cafe, hotel, reception room etc. These Linear panels are the nearly transparent luminaire when off and excellent build a warm and harmonious atmosphere with 45% uplight and 55% downlight distribution.

4’ and 8’ linear panels are designed to seamless connect as before. A dozen of UP/Down panel lights in the same model are connected end to end and guided together into a main electric cable to power supplies. This design not only makes the application simple and elegant, but also reduces the costs of material and labor.

New models also inherited the good design in the style of dimming, which offers 0~10V dimming or step dimming with 100 % , 50% and 10% three brightness options that can save your dimmer cost.

Moreover, all drivers of 4’ and 8’ UP/Down linear panels are built-in, and can be replacement if the driver doesn’t work, So it is more convenient for you to fix and maintain.

OKT Lighting is customer demand - oriented, and continues developing more and better new products. We provide wholehearted services ,and look forward to your valuable opinions.