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U.S. DLC 4.0 Standard To Spur LED Chip Market Developments

U.S. DLC 4.0 Standard To Spur LED Chip Market Developments


The U.S. market is promising but presents various obstacles for interested manufacturers, such as chip quality and price wise. The latest DLC 4.0 standard for instance requires the LED tube light efficiency must reach 135 lm/W, this indicates the LED package efficiency has to be at least 200 lm/W.

The higher lumen efficiency requirements would benefit LED chip manufacturers specializing in high power applications, such as some famous brands in USA to name a few. Finding economic patented LED chips will be a goal for lighting manufacturers vying to meet the new DLC standards and long certification process for those interested in the U.S. market.

Clients in general only want the latest certification specs. So manufacturers have to prepare in advance for the certification process, and to convert all their lighting product specs to meet those set out by new standards.

The U.S. market remains one of the largest lighting markets, comprising about 25% of global lighting revenue, but remains a difficult one to enter for most Asian manufacturers because of high lighting quality standards.