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Amazing OKT Lighting Designs

Amazing OKT Lighting Designs


Shenzhen OKT lighting is a professional led manufacture who only focus on North American market more than 4 years.


Some of the new designs have been feedback very well, such as 4’’ gimbal downlight and up/down led luminaires, the 4’’ gimbal downlight is UL, cUL and Energy star approval, 10W, beam angle 12 degree, 24 degree, 38 degree for options and 35 degree vertical direction and 355 degree horizontal, easy installation for existing IC or non-IC 4 inch housings.


The 1x4FT up/downlight led luminaires is a commercial pendant lighting fixture, the unique design is nearly transparent luminaire when off and 65% downlighting, 35% uplighting when on. 0-10v dimming, it will be available for sale on Augest.


To know more about our designs, please check www.oktlighting.com

up and down lighting luminary