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Analyze The Reasons of Causing LED Panel light damage

Analyze The Reasons of Causing LED Panel light damage


With many advantages, LED panel light have widely applied to our daily life recently. They not only used as daily lighting tools, but also used as decoration to add special meanings for architecture.

Owning to its characters of high efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection, LED panel light has longer lifespan than ordinary lamps. However, LED panel light still out of work in daily use. So, what is the reason? The main reason is that many consumers haven’t taken the characters of LED using into account and they didn’t protect it well at the same time.

Now, OKT Lighting which specializes in researching and manufacturing LED residential and commercial lighting, ranging from LED Downlight, LED Panel Light, LED Tube light, who is not only a products factory but also an excellent lighting solution supplier which will give an analysis of the reasons of the damages of LED panel light.

First, the quality problem of a LED will cause short circuit, then the original voltage drop transferred to other LEDs.
Second, supply voltage increased suddenly due to the quality of supply power or improper use of the user.
Third, a component of Circuit, a short circuit of printed lines or other wire cause the partial circuit of the led supply and the voltage became higher in this place.
Fourth, within LED panel light into water and water is conductive.
Fifth, did not take measures of anti-static when assembling which result in the inner damage of LED panel by static although voltage and current is normal, it’s also easy to cause LED damage.
Sixth, the character of LED changed due to high temperature of internal LED panel.

The reasons above would result in the increasing of LED current significantly and the LED chip will burned because of overheating. Mostly, the two poles burned, sometime is open circuit.

So you must pay attention to the protection when you use the LED panel lights, do not switch lamps when voltage instability to avoid damage to the lamps.