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Automate Lighting Control for Energy Saving

Automate Lighting Control for Energy Saving

The Internet of Thing (IoT) has enabled a connected system to control and monitor lighting for optimizing environments while saving energy. Lighting giants have developed solutions for LED lighting applications in various fields.

For smart lighting in buildings, some have released a series of products with wireless integrated sensors which offer advanced lighting with functions of occupancy detection and daylighting harvesting. These sensors provide data to the lighting system to switch off luminaires in empty areas while creating suitable light levels for specific tasks in different places.

Daylight harvesting, on the other hand, is a lighting control strategy which enables a building to collect and use natural daylight, then distribute it into the building. With light sensors, automated lighting control systems can dim or switch off artificial light level based on the measurement of the amount of natural light in a place. The installation of sensors on lighting helps to optimize lighting usage and save energy for buildings and offices.

Daintree wireless control network , the purpose of the installation is to reduce the amount of supplemental lighting required for major trade shows while gaining specific control capabilities.

The system combines Intel technology with web-based software to automate energy management and modify light levels from zero to 100 percent with real-time management capability above each booth.