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Bright Future of OKT Lighting

Bright Future of OKT Lighting


In June, OKT lighting create another height on sales value, it’s the highest since it’s foundation in 2008.

So let’s talk about why it’s happened. Besides the total values, we also have some separately orders with amounts above US$300 000.

First, OKT brand turn to more and more popular, and widely accepted by customer. OKT invest more money on the marketing to let it more and more popular. And after year’s efforts on the quality, we left a good quality in the market. So many customer check with us by different ways.

Second. OKT launched many products based on the market.  Because leader team are close to the market, and have many resource to know what the customer need. You can see that there were many fake OKT products came out. Though they with a better price. Customer still trust OKT and OKT team.  Such as troffer, most of products adopt arc-shaped lens, but OKT use a different flat lens, it looks more graphic scenes. Just as one customer told that you can feel the central with a stronger light output and gradually fade out to the edge. The lights will looks more beautiful, many customer speak highly on it.

Only different products can keep you stay in the front of market. Don't only follow up the market.

Let’s say thank you to our engineer team and production team.

We have been continuing to work on. Let’s see the bright future of us.