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Busy Season Coming!

Busy Season Coming!


It’s on last quarter of this year and it’s a critical period for both importers and manufactures. Why is that? Let’s check it out.

So many events will be happening in the last three months of the year, HK International Lighting Fair, at the end of this month, will be a great chances for customers revisit existing suppliers and meet new opportunities. Also Halloween, Christmas and New Year holidays are about to come, importers will have to prepare enough stock before the festivals since people are more willing to buy items those days. Another reason importers have to prepare the stock in the last quarter is Chinese New Year will bring a long vacation to Chinese factories, and they’d better to be prepared for the market and suppliers.

OKT Lighting has been on a fast development in this year, we have finished our R&D plan in last three quarters, Ballast Compatible Downlight, Up/down Transparent LED Panel, 4’’ Width Linear
panel, and surface mounted panel are the awesome items we made, and it’s available for your stock in 4th quarter.

Come and join us, let’s be well prepared for the busy and lucrative season.

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