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DOE Realeased 2015 Edition SSL Research and Development Program

DOE Realeased 2015 Edition SSL Research and Development Program


US Department of Energy (DOE) announced the release of the 2015 solid-state lighting (SSL) R & D program, new research plan documents SSL LED and OLED manufacturing roadmap, color uniformity issues and advancement of manufacturing problems to be solved as a priority . Through this new SSL research project, the DOE want to influence the direction of research and development efforts during the next three to five years.


The new report notes that the current global illumination device SSL only less than 10%, for many years, SSL technology to reduce energy consumption will continue to strive to make a huge impact in the field, the United States Department of Energy predicts that by 2030, LED technology will save each year 26.1 billion kwh of electricity, equivalent with respect to such a scenario, SSL accounted for 40 per cent increase.


DOE has also developed in 2020 in the luminaire or system level 200 lm / W efficiency target, the report noted that greater efficiency LED package increasingly difficult to achieve, the proposed R & D efforts focused on efficiency recession and narrow linewidth the down-converter materials can provide additional benefits.


This new research report focusing SSL LED and OLED, etc. in addition to the phosphor, LED focus of packaging materials, the new transmitter architecture, integrated transmitter, the new method include system-level elements and lighting design. OLED, although the efficiency and light output significantly lags behind the LED, but the US Department of Energy is still optimistic about its inherent qualities diffuse light source, continue to tap the potential of technology. OLED R & D focus include materials research, the light extraction efficiency, lighting development, increase production and adopt a flexible substrate manufacturing.


In the new report, the US Department of Energy also urges the symbiotic technology industry research and development work to LED and OLED based. Focusing on a better driver, including focusing on intelligent controller and sensor. In addition, the DOE also urged the people-centered illumination and overall lighting quality.


Brief summary of the top level of SSL research goal, the Department of Energy forecast, LED will be close to warm cool white element 250 lumens / watt level in 2025, a new hybrid approach may be used as mixed monochrome emission and the phosphor conversion device. Effectiveness of aid projects the agency may allow OLED achieve 160 lm / W in 2020, and eventually reach 190 lumens / watt.