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Why Does The DP Lamp Have A Luminous Ratio Of 45% And 55%?

Why Does The DP Lamp Have A Luminous Ratio Of 45% And 55%?


Nowadays, the lighting design styles on the market are different. The design concept of each lamp implies the attitude of people towards life. As a commercial and architectural luminaire, our DP Series suspended panel light is designed to be 55% down-light and 45% up-light, no direct or indirect view of the light source when on, nearly transparent when off.

up down panel light

This design not only makes the overall distribution of the light more uniform, but also creates a warm, soft, elegant and romantic artistic atmosphere. The UGR of this pendant light is less than 19, which meets the requirements of European even most countries office lights.

In order to adjust the light and shade of the light, we adopted 0-10v dimming and intermittent dimming according to the consumer's suggestion, which increased the user experience and greatly saved the cost of the dimmer.

suspended panel light

Some people may ask, can our DP up down light be seamlessly connected like OKT's other linear lights?
The answer is yes.

Moreover, 8’’ x 8ft can be connected to 4 pieces at 120v AC,  8''x 4ft can be connected to 9 pieces. If one of the lights is broken after the connection, how can it be repaired without affecting the overall beauty? We have considered this problem, and we upgrade the design for the built-in driver, making it easier for users to easily replace, saving maintenance costs and time. To best serve our customers we offer up to 5 years warranty.

In addition, some of our customers required different luminous ratios due to their other design ideas. We OKT also help to customize.