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Effects of Different Luminaires on Human Health

Effects of Different Luminaires on Human Health


All luminaires produce some certain harmful monochromatic light, although which does not always have a negative impact on health. However, the impact on health accumulates over time, it’s significant to choose the right lighting fixtures in our lives.

The basic components of artificial white light are red, green and blue light. Effects on human health are mainly reflected in two aspects: The one is the psychological effect—such as glare and some monochromatic light will make people uncomfortable and influence labour productivity; the other is physical effect—some light could damage the our skin and eyes. Now let’s learn more about it. 

The luminaires commonly used in our lives are Incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, Metal halide lamps, fluorescent lamps and LED Lights. According to the following spectrograms, we can make clear how these luminaires impact our health.

The harmful monochromatic light mainly refers to Ultraviolet (including UV-A radiation and UV-B radiation ), blue light and Infrared.

First, none of the main five sorts of artificial luminaires contain UV-B radiation.

Second, Metal halide lamps and fluorescent lamps produce UV-A radiation while other luminaires don’t or produce little this light. The long-term use of those two sorts of lamps will cause the skin pigmentation— the skin color will become dark and its water content will also decline.

Third, Metal halide lamps, fluorescent lamps and LED lights produce blue light. High level of blue light can cause retinal damage.

Four, Incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and Metal halide lamps produce Near Infrared. The long-term lighting of the Near Infrared will dry our skin and easily cause wrinkles.

LED luminaires have many advantages beyond other kinds of lighting fixtures. But if we don’t give weight to the blue light, they may hurt our eyes. Generally speaking, the power, the CCT and the value of UGR are lower, the blue light hazard is less, like OKT Up/Down Double sided LED Panel Light with UGR<19; the value of CRI is higher, the blue light hazard is also less, like Small Square Panels (4 ", 6", 8 ") with high CRI 90+.