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Facing Opportunities and Challenge to Enter North American Market!

Facing Opportunities and Challenge to Enter North American Market!


In January of 2015, after the US government announced a total ban on incandescent lamps, the North American market has become a new hot spot of industry growth, LED lighting towards popularization process is moving forward at an unprecedented rate. North America will occupy LED23.1% global market share of the top.


North American market will show rapid growth trend is expected compound annual growth rate of 20%.Since 2013 to 2015, growth is evident that outdoor LED lighting, LED commercial lighting, industrial LED lighting. Special lighting will also be a large-scale growth in the coming five years.


Existing incandescent lamp market to maintain about 3.7 billion, it is widely used in home lighting, commercial lighting and outdoor lighting, is expected to be completed in three years, most of the replacement. At present, China and Guangdong has a lot of LED companies to adjust the export focus, focus into North America. Benefit from the introduction of domestic and ban incandescent light scheme of continuous fermentation and low-carbon economy and green urban planning, lighting products to replace the tide coming in advance, while energy saving products has become the first choice of green building, LED lighting market this year also ushered in the explosive growth.


In the first quarter, a number of LED enterprises full orders, capacity utilization increased, based on optimistic expectations of the market broke out, many companies will put on the agenda of new capacity planned capacity expansion to become the midstream term goal. Continued explosive growth of the downstream lighting market, driven by the upstream production release, the overall industry climate index upward.


But the North American lighting market opportunities and challenges. It is understood that the North American market is the international market, technical barriers highest, most mature market, technical barriers to market relatively more, the number of "going out" of Chinese enterprises lack of experience, a lot of challenges, the domestic LED lighting companies in the future competition in the North American market, most need to be addressed and noted that there are two problems: First, technical barriers to trade; the second is the intellectual property constraints. The former is the Chinese enterprises to enter the testing, subject to US standards must overcome; the latter is the most Chinese enterprises to enter the North American market flawed because China LED industry started relatively late, foreign giants in the early industry started basically completed the layout of the upper reaches of the patent, which Chinese enterprises to enter North America formed a large challenge.