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France's carrefour adopt philips LED indoor lighting system

France's carrefour adopt philips LED indoor lighting system


Global retail giant Carrefour supermarket using Philips LED lighting solutions, location-based services to provide goods to shoppers' smartphones. Philips Smart + Connected Lighting Solutions installed indoors as GPS, can transmit location information to the application of goods smartphones (APP) revolutionary Philips LED indoor positioning technology easy to expand, can be accurate to centimeters; In addition to the lighting device itself, without additional hardware investment, and 50% energy saving.

The global lighting industry leader Philips today announced the first in Europe, the world's third-largest retailer Carrefour installed indoor location can be interconnected intelligent LED lighting system, which is the system in the first floor applications worldwide. The first installation of the system is located in Lille, France Carrefour supermarket, the supermarket with a total length of 2.5 kilometersPhilips energy-saving LED lighting replaced the original fluorescent lamps.

Philips Lighting Smart + Connected Lighting Solutions system can accurately locate the customer needed to send the information to the consumer goods smartphones; enable Carrefour to provide new services to customers, such as guiding shoppers easily in an area of 7,800 square meters of supermarket find promotional products. In addition, also for the supermarket to save 50% of lighting power consumption by upgrading to LED lighting.

 The Philips indoor location can be interconnected intelligent lighting system including a lighting device, a cloud location database, and a set of Philips software development kit. Customers can use SDK to build their own mobile interactive platform. The lighting system Lille Carrefour currently used include 800 LED lamps - these lamps with a Philips patented visible light communication technology (VLC), light transmission through a special code. Human eye can not perceive the existence of these codes, but the smart phone camera can easily detect them without adding any additional accessories.