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The Hong Kong Lighting Fair 2017 Has Concluded Successfully

The Hong Kong Lighting Fair 2017 Has Concluded Successfully

The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is one of the most reputable international events in the lighting industry, which attracts hundreds of thousands of global manufacturers and buyers. OKT lighting company attended the HK Lighting Fair Autumn Edition 2017 (27th ~ 30th October), and received high praises from attendees.

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OKT lighting demonstrated their innovative LED products in this Hongkong fair, including Split Commercial Downlights, Vertical Linear pendant fixtures, 4” low-glare UP/Down linear panels and new generation of Emergency LED Drivers. Many attendees showed their great interest in these creative products and inquired about their details.

Vertical Linear pendant light
are newly arrivals of the Linear pendant family. They distribute light at a rate of 3:3:4 in the horizontal left, horizontal right, vertical down directions.Their refresh model and high performance up to 110 lm/W and low-glare view made them the focus in this exhibition.

vertical linear pendant light

Split Recessed Commercial Downlights are integrated with separable engines and trims. One engine can be compatible with multiple trim options (4”,6”,8”),which can greatly save shipping cost and lower stock risk.

The new generation of Emergency LED Drivers also attracted a lot of attendees. All of OKT’s Emergency LED Drivers are certified by UL listed, as well as 5 years warranty. The new generation of drivers are designedto be distinctly thinner, and can be put into the pans of fluorescent in retrofit applications. In addition, they are integrated with the self-testing function to indicate whether they can work or not.

led emergency driver for led troffer

OKT lighting gives weight to the R&D and the feedback of markets. Every quarter, OKT lighting releases 4~6 new LED products that are more energy-efficient, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing than those already on the market. OKT Lighting hopes to bring more and more excellent products to meet the demands of customers and take more social responsibilities.