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How Can LED Center Basket Luminaire Modernize Your Space?

How Can LED Center Basket Luminaire Modernize Your Space?


Does it seem boring and depressing in your office? How to make your office simple and professional but not stiff and dull? Luminaires often play an important role in decoration. In many cases, it can present an inconceivable visual effect just by changing a right lighting fixture. The following lighting fixture is such one to make your office active.Central basket troffer is the latest product of OKT Lighting company. It not only has a attractive appearance, but also is highly cost effective.


Lively appearance: Central basket troffer is designed into a large angle arc, with smooth and oblate center part, which looks like a pure white butterfly spreading its wings. There are as if waves one by one undulating on the ceiling after the LED fixtures were installed, which changes the common ceiling into a vivid place.


Good lighting effect: Central basket luminaire is in a good performance with efficacy up to 125 lm/W and 105 degrees beam angle. The 86% transmittance of lamp-chimney ensures a bright lighting effect, also considers the comfort of human eyes. The housing of troffer reflects light emitted from the center part, and makes light softer and evener. Central basket troffer, rarely causing a visual fatigue, is suitable for offices, schools and hospitals applications.


Considerate safety design: This Recessed Lighting is easy to install. Just place the troffer into the T-Grid,ensure the it is attached to the ceiling,then open the driver box and connect the wires. In order to ensure your use much safer, we specially designed hook-like parts at the ends of mounting brackets.This design can make sure the whole troffer fix onto T-Grid firmly without any extra costs of materials and labor.