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How to avoid the light pollution? Commercial led lighting will be your best partner to solve the light pollution.

How to avoid the light pollution? Commercial led lighting will be your best partner to solve the light pollution.


Many people have come to realize the dangers of outdoors light pollution, but indoor light pollution problems are still not paid  enough attention. In fact, Poorly designed of Indoor Lighting will cause a certain extent of light pollution, affecting the liver’s health.

There are various reasons caused indoor light pollution, but what are the real reasons by the lighting design? At present, many consumers have errors on the interior lighting design, Mainly in the excessive lighting, lighting is too bright or too dark, the color complex, in fact, These problems can be avoided in the lighting design. "

Many consumers use a lot of lighting in pursuit of decorative effect. In fact, General lighting decoration budget should be within 5% of the total project total cost budget, excessive decorative lighting not only occupants eye fatigue, decreased vision, what’s more it also harmful to the human’s eye cornea  and   it may cased iris damage.

As a result ,people who may  suffered from dizziness, fatigue and other physical symptoms like neurasthenia.  In  another way the overly bright or dark lighting, will make the occupants as fatigue or decreased vision, increased incidence of cataract. And there are many consumers like colorful lights. In fact, these colors messy lighting, not only   harmful to vision, but also interfere with the brain central nervous system function.

"light pollution" of Indoor lighting should not be overlooked, so are there any way to avoid its adverse health effects?   Here   are   some  suggestions  from  lighting  design  experts.

Firstly, when choose the lamp including led downlight fixtures, led flat panel light and linear led tube, you should choose those with high color, high-strobe, stable performance characteristics. Such as fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts, LED lamp and so on. the commercial led lighting in High CRI , moderate, spot no flare, no aperture of, can help you see the authenticity of the object to and comfortable; high strobe LED Lighting can reduce eye fatigue; stable performance and high efficiency lighting can make driver long lifespan, greatly increasing the overall stability.

Secondly, with guarantee the normal lighting you can reduce pollution through the ingenious arrangement of lamp. Such as concealed installation of lighting, avoid exposing the high points of light. In addition, selecting the anti-glare led lighting can significantly reduce the glare caused by light pollution.

Thirdly, using indirect light adequately,for example, use the lights reflected off the ceiling and in this way,light is both uniform and comfortable. it is better to use where indirect lighting in a ceiling or light-colored ceiling and require a relatively high illumination uniformity.

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