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How to Choose Color Temperature Changing LED Lights?

How to Choose Color Temperature Changing LED Lights?


                                                                                   In addition to observing whether the strobe and Blu-ray are up to the standard, the color temperature is also one of the important selection indicators. In general, the daytime natural light is a high color temperature, and the natural light at dusk is a low color temperature. People tend to be excited at high color temperatures and sleepy at low color temperatures. During purchasing we can directly feel the change of the color temperature of the lamp.

According to the above table, it can be seen that not the higher of color temperature of led lights, the better. In general, the color temperature of candle is 1850K, dusk is less than 3000K, moonlight is 4100K, and daylight is above 5000K. The most common white fluorescent color temperature is 6500K.

Nowadays, the usefulness of a lamp is not limited to reading on a desk, but it also serves as a lighting for bedside reading. It needs more color temperature intervals. The color temperature during learning is more suitable for 3800k-4200K. It can be brighter at work which enables users more focused, and darker before sleep.

We choose a led light that can adjust the color temperature, not only good for the eyes, but also not easy to disturb the biological clock.

Allan zhang, the president of okt lighting, which is the professional manufacturer of color temperature changing surface mount led light suggests that everyone should also correct their bad habits under the desk lamp. If using a desk lamp, it is also necessary to turn on the headlights of the house to avoid the pupil being in a state of intense focus; do not read under the shadow; do not strain you eyes, etc.

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