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How to Choose High Quality LED Light

How to Choose High Quality LED Light


There are more and more family like use LED because of LED’s durability, Energy saving and good price. But most of people don’t know how to choice High quality LED Lamp.

1. Refer to the certification marks

As for how to choice LED Lamps, LED engineer said, consumers need to check if the lamp has a clear certification label, such as UL, FCC, DLC, ES etc.

2. Check the product’s infos

Good product & High quality product has clear printing for label, It wont easily be erased even wipe with soft damp cloth, you can check the font, pattern if it’s clear or abrasion resistant. And if it has complete information, 1. Source (name, contact, address &brand); 2. Product standard; 3. The basic performance parameters (voltage, power, current and lumens etc.)

3. Location requirements

The product have to show infos about location / IP rating / operating temperature etc. on the product.

4. Check the color and heat

China Association of Lighting Industry experts pointed out that, consumer can check the product quality according to the color and heat dissipation. Color change was observed after the light lamp, light glowing color should be consistent, and not blinking. And you also can touch the product surface temperature if it has good heat dissipation. Quality LED lamps in 30 minutes the temperature is stable, if the product one hour in the surface temperature continues to rise, do not select the product.

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