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How to Choose Suitable and Right LED Lamp?

How to Choose Suitable and Right LED Lamp?


Now LED lighting are getting more and more popular, and there are many optional led lighting available in the market, so which lamp suitable for you? Here OKT Lighting teaches you step by step.

1. Color temperature.
Usually the LED Lighting with color temperature range from 2700 ~ 6500K, the lower value tend to yellow color (warm white), and high color temperature tend to blue white (cold white). Yellow color generally applicable to winter, suitable for bedroom, living room, dining and other occasions, used to create a warm and comfortable feeling. The blue white is brighter and clear, suitable for summer, in study room, kitchen ,office and so on.

2. Color rendering index.
Color rendering index (CRI) refers to the color reality when the object is irradiated by light, the value range from 0 to 100, and now LED lamp CRI standards are higher than 75, and we recommend to choose CRI≥80 or CRI>90. If you have atelier in your home, we suggest to buy high CRI LED Lighting  , it can better reflect the real color of painting.

3. Luminous flux.
General speaking, luminous flux represents brightness, under the same area, the number of LED downlight depends on the different environment. For example, as same 5 square meter bedroom and study room, bedroom need 2pcs 14W downlight, but study room need 5pcs.

4. Luminous efficiency.
The higher luminous efficiency on behalf of saving more power, the current LED light luminous efficiency [lumens (lm) / Wattage (w)] is generally higher than 80, the higher the more energy saving.

5. Light Angle.
The general type LED lamp (non-wide angle) suitable for under-illuminated usage, such as downlight, and wide-angle LED lamp suitable for floodlight usage, such as wall lamp, floor light and so on.