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To Control the Root of the Products’ Quality

To Control the Root of the Products’ Quality


What would you consider about when buying a LED lighting fixture?
Functions? Appearance? Price?  If the fixture was quickly broken,would you think it was a successful shopping?

No,we need the good product! So what is a good product? It means not only the product has new and multiple functions, but also has high quality. The quality of materials is an essential factor deciding the quality of the final product. Now,let’s learn about how to control the quality of materials.

As one of the leading manufacturers in the North American market, OKT Lighting has set up a complete quality control system,which strictly controls the quality of incoming  materials and manages the suppliers. Every month, OKT Lighting gives scores to all suppliers and communicates with those low-scoring suppliers. Every year, OKT Lighting visits the suppliers’ factory and gives present assessment. 

Several days ago,the quality  staff of OKT Lighting gave an annual present assessment of one supplier. They saw the whole workplace is clean and all stuff are arranged in the divisional areas, which met the requirement of 5S standard.

This workshop had achieved high automation in producing- much work was mostly done by the machines,and didn’t need many workers.There were more than 10 production lines, and the workers were doing technical work,such as controlling the machines and supervising the producing process.

The director introduced to the OKT QC:“All the production lines reach the world-class level in performance. The producing and testing are almost done by machines with an accuracy of 99.99%. We need few workers to inspect some samples for each batch products in the case of the batch error. ” What about the qualified rates of your products?  “They are in average above 99.9%.”

The producing process and the workplace of this supplier all met the quality requirements of OKT Lighting. So they successfully past their present assessment. However,OKT Lighting had changed more than 10 suppliers who failed in the present assessment in the past 5 years.

OKT Lighting like its supplier keeps introducing the world-class advanced equipment and carefully builds every step in the process. The excellent materials and the superb craft make the OKT Lighting. This is why OKT Lighting can gain a firm footing in the North American market.